Sunflower Kush Shirt

Sunflower Kush Shirt

In an interview with the new york times Fallon unambiguously admits what the brett Kavanaugh destruction project is part of a Sunflower Kush Shirt high stakes two-step strategy to thwart trump via a former aide to Mitch McConnell headline democratic operative admits derailing Kavanaugh is really about saving the supreme court from trump it’s making sure that trump don’t get to confirm any of his nominees to the supreme court. So I have withheld what have been fears all day long about flake the minute I got here and found out this vote was gonna take four hours will have four hours of debate prior to it instead of happening at 9 30 and knowing that flake is leaving this is his last term in office knowing that flake at the end of the day still does not like Donald trump at all Kavanaugh is a trump nominee the Democrats are now working hard to change him. Brian Fallon was a spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign her failed presidential campaign brian Fallon is an angry vindictive bitter and very sore loser he posted what many people say look like veiled threats to Kavanaugh last night he called Kavanaugh an attempted rapist and vowed that judge Kavanaugh if confirmed will not serve for life

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You don’t even know what eq the Sunflower Kush Shirt time and fairness doctrines are equal time is still out there when it comes to politics and campaigns and so forth it’s not been lifted so it just magically happened that I’m on every radio station from new york to Santa barbara. Its so good that Obama and the Democrats are running around trying to claim credit for it now which is laughable there honestly is no way these economic numbers could be reached this kind of economic activity could not happen under Obama administration policies they just couldn’t Obama would have left the tax rates where they were if not increased them Hillary Clinton would have done the same. When this is over every bit of what dr ford is saying here will remain uncorroborated every bit of it when shes finished there isn’t a single witness that can or has corroborated what she’s saying in the interval between now and the end of this judge Kavanaugh will have his time before the committee

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It doesn’t have anything to do with what was at stake yesterday except if you’re liberal Democrats where to them the nature of the evidence is not of any relevance at all its the seriousness of the charge which means that it is true in the same thing I start getting irritated it’s why I don’t watch a Sunflower Kush Shirt lot of cable news anymore I tuned in yesterday when I got home I wanted to watch the completion of Kavanaugh I watched his opening statement here and then left and got home in time to see some of the q a. So I got an email rush you sound so confident about all this in terms of the way you describe the left and what they ‘re gonna do and what they’re thinking you can’t be that confident anybody is yes I can folks look I really don’t like talking about me and I really don’t like inserting myself into situations like this where I have nothing to do with it but experience guided by intelligence this has happened to me and not just one time. The Democrats refused to be part of the interview with a judge or any of the other four witnesses they have been interviewed by this committee the Democrats chose not to show up and are now lying to everybody about the fact they were left out of the process they were not

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