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I got skills they are multiplying shirt

The answer to why is eminently simple judge Cavenaugh was nominated this has gone on weeks longer than the I got skills they are multiplying shirt average confirmation process he’s eminently qualified. Christine blase ford is not gonna show up for the hearing she hasn’t accepted the invitation to show up for the hearing and yet they moved it. So now this has gone from being Anita hill redux to Roy Moore redux Anita Hill came forward and claimed that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her while she followed him to every job and career change he made and the evidence was a pubic hair on a coke can Clarence Thomas had had enough of it at some point and gave a great speech on the whole idea of a high tech lynching. The primary reason is to delay the confirmation because they don’t want Kavanaugh on the court because of his judicial qualifications and beliefs. Hey, Larry, the fairness doctrine wasn’t about equal time the fairness doctrine had nothing to do with equal time

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Not only is there going to be a I got skills they are multiplying shirt red wave where the Democrats retake the house of representatives it looks now like the Democrats could take control of the Senate too so the drive-by media went to Mitch McConnell to find out the truth on this get his take on the possibility to Mitch McConnell speaking with reporters about the upcoming midterm elections. Obviously, you have Samantha Guerry who wants to support her bud her BFF Christine blase ford but she’s not getting anywhere near naming Kavanaugh you note that’s the take away here, in fact, she makes it very clear not Kavanaugh. Folks I wish I had confident comforting predictions about the media what I know is that no matter how bad it gets for them no matter how much audience they lose no matter how much money their parent companies lose they re not gonna change the last thing they ‘re gonna do. During the day just to your radio show and my son came in for lunch and he goes mom why are you listening to our rush revere book without us he was really mad. Nine-inch nails just launched cold and black and infinite tour continues to provide fans with unexpected surprises as the band’s concert in Morrison Colorado featured they’re first ever performance of the perfect drug watch below

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This particular thread claims that the reason that Dianne Feinstein was reluctant to go public with Christine blase ford’s letter is that she received an I got skills they are multiplying shirt similar letter from the woman about judge Gorsuch no idea whether this is fake news or true. I tuned in to watch it just not during the anthem it was after the game had started in fact it was probably 45 minutes an hour after it and I just re oh my gosh there’s a Monday night game on. You people are familiar now with the name George Papadopoulos because I have spent considerable time telling you who he is and his role supposedly in triggering the trump Russia collusion investigation that’s one of the first excuses the FBI gave oh well it started when Papadopoulos told the Australian ambassador that the Russians had a bunch of Hillary Clinton emails. Small business optimism surges to highest ever higher even than during the administration of Ronald Magnus small business optimism surges to highest ever now what will it be if the Democrats take back the house god forbid take back the white house well let me give you a spoiler alert everything going great guns economically now will tank. This is becoming common and its becoming widespread and all of this is coming from people who are genuinely unhinged and they re certainly not educated and they re not intelligent and what’s in the crosshairs with this is the first amendment these people on the left are making a beeline for freedom of speech and come one thing or another they re going to find a way to deny it to you and anybody that they can and they re not above using violence and threats to do so

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