Einstein and Salt Bae T-Shirt

Einstein And Salt Bae T Shirt

I would’ve preferred them to ask.  Apart from the Einstein and Salt Bae T-Shirt that he’s being troubled with, he’s just like any other kid; and he is such a handsome boy! Wonderful feat that his mum is doing, letting all these children understands what her precious boy really is, but also educating them about all those unfortunate children and adults suffering from such conditions.

Einstein and Salt Bae T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt

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Marvellous work.  I walk with a crutch as I have a brain condition amongst other things and adults ask expecting it’s a bad leg, but I’m glad to explain to them or anyone who asks. Before this I had non visual learning difficulties and they are hard to explain. Feel people are more helpful when you have a crutch. Teaching kids about diversity will help the future of our Einstein and Salt Bae T-Shirt.

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They need to learn about people’s differences and understand why some act and look different to learn acceptance and tolerance. What this woman and child are doing is a step forward for all society. We need more of this in the world! Well done, get the other children to help out and play with him, get them to accept that not everyone is the same in life, we are all Einstein and Salt Bae T-Shirt.

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