Boston Strong Shirt

Boston Strong Shirt

We could never keep The Law perfectly. I don’t think anyone can completely take out that possibility, but most things such as Noah, the exodus, and there is little evidence outside the bible of a Davidic Empire. These all probably never happened. Also, the Bible was scrapped together with the help of Roman politicians, and even some of the priests that helped at the time had their own agendas. I would not base all your beliefs off of this book. Unchanged preserved word of God, not the one which the Boston Strong Shirt you referred to put together.

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The roman Catholic Church’s catechism is an Boston Strong Shirt to the truth. It’s ten commandments for example are enumerated and altered compared to the ten commandments in the Jewish Torah (the church was founded and built on the roots of Judaism), predating the RC church by thousands of years, by the so called ‘infallible pope’ who can apparently change the Bible. For justification of Mary worship – the example of how they changed the scriptures earlier in this comment etc.

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As well as worldly gain e.g. For money, fame and political gain etc.) The translators of the kjv made sure the ten commandments matched that of the torah because they wanted to preserve the truth. This is only one example of many, many more. Trump is bringing god and the Boston Strong Shirt back to people, we will also be able to see what churches are good and which are not. The truth will set you free.

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